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Editor's Note from Adriane--Lately I have been hearing overactive bladder given as a  reason that friends and family can’t go to a show, make a shopping trip to New York City or travel. Overactive bladder can be taken care of with new habits and a visit to the doctor.

Thank you Astellas Pharma US, Inc. and their consultant Olivia Ward for making this issue come out publicly. We all benefit.

Read what they have to say:

Don’t Let a Struggle with Overactive Bladder Stop You From Having Fun

Imagine having a common medical condition that requires you to plan around it and causes embarrassment and daily disruptions.

These repeated disruptions are common for women with overactive bladder, or OAB, with their symptoms causing frequent trips to the bathroom or worry over a leak from a sudden urge to urinate. Despite the toll OAB takes on those who have it, women often avoid speaking with their doctor and cope with their symptoms on their own.

Even though she does not have OAB, winner of The Biggest Loser Season 11, Olivia Ward has experience struggling with a condition privately. After dealing with weight issues and denying that she needed help for years, Olivia courageously decided to overcome her fears and get the help she needed by becoming a contestant on The Biggest Loser. Olivia is now able to help other women address their fears and use tools to overcome private struggles.

“I’ve listened to women talk about many health issues they’ve struggled with privately. I don’t have OAB, but I can understand why women struggle. It’s important for women to face the reality of their situation, be their own advocates and take action,” says Olivia.

Coping in silence

More than 46 million adults in the United States experience OAB symptoms at least some of the time.

Despite this, the burden of the disease is often underestimated due to reluctance of OAB patients to seek medical attention.As few as 1 in 5 men and 1 in 8 women with OAB symptoms, including urgency, a sudden need to urinate, frequency, urinating too often, and urinary incontinence, involuntary leakage, seek treatment.

“Women often hide their condition or become accustomed to using coping mechanisms due to a lack of awareness that OAB is a real, medical condition that should be discussed with a doctor,” says Dr. Kathleen Kobashi, a board-certified urologist who treats OAB, chair of the OAB Medical Expert Advisory Panel for the Urology Care Foundation, the Official Foundation of the American Urology Association, and frequent speaker for their It’s Time to Talk about OAB Initiative.

Some of the coping mechanisms people with OAB use include planning bathrooms trips, using feminine incontinence or hygiene products and avoiding social situations all together. These actions may provide temporary solutions to a much larger problem for which a trained medical professional should be consulted.

Options to manage OAB

Without the help of a doctor, it can become overwhelming to manage your symptoms. Dr. Kobashigives advice for those burdened with the condition so they can feel empowered to initiate a discussion with their doctor.

“The OAB landscape has changed drastically in the past few years. Many educational resources, support tools and treatment options are now available for me to offer my patients, including behavioral modifications, prescription medications and medical procedures, alone or in combination, which allow me to create a customized plan for each of my patients. I would advise anyone experiencing OAB symptoms to talk to a health care professional about their symptoms and how to manage them. They will be able to provide a medical evaluation, diagnosis and personalized plan of action, if appropriate, that’s right for them.”

If you are experiencing OAB symptoms such as leakage, urgency or frequent urination, visit a health care professional to discuss a treatment plan that’s right for you.

For more information on the symptoms associated with OAB, click here.


7 Tips for Dewy Skin As the Weather Changes

By Adriane Berg

Although there is a fortune to be made by calling anything “anti-aging,” the things that make your skin look “old” have very little to do with aging. Anyone can have troubled skin at any time in their life. What makes a positive difference in the look of your skin, especially in a colder and drier environment, takes only a bit of common sense and a few of my favorite tested products and protocols. They work across the age spectrum, and if anything these 7 hints and tips are pro-aging, because they content you with your skin, whatever your birthdates.

So here’s how to get the good stuff and combat the bad stuff:

#1. Protocol- Walk your feet off

Yes, getting the circulation going makes perfect sense in the cold. Of course you MUST use a sun block. Dr. Harvey Jay,, a leading NYC dermatologist recommends ELTA MD SPF 41.. It is also tinted, which makes me feel better as my walking buddy, adult fitness coach Risa Olinsky,, usually has pictures taken of us when we walk, which she posts on Facebook.

When I say “WALK”, I mean it. I walk with a group called Freewalkers, www., on their wacky 15-50 mile walkathons. Risa is always asked why she walks so far. Her answer, “Because I can.” My answer, “For my skin.”

#2. Protocol- Internal Hydration

Sure water is the best-but I hate water. Tea, water, juice, and soup all do the hydration job. So does diet soda, but the other effects aren’t worth it. Still, occasionally I pick up one of the small cans and take a few sips-hydrations is power.

Dr. Heather Hausenblas Ph.D. of the University of Florida College of Health and Human Performance warns, “In the current climate, whether you’re outside or in, your body is subject to varying degrees of dehydration. With punishing low humidity levels, we’re constantly sucking vital nutrients out of the skin, which can lead to a variety of undesirable conditions — from wrinkles to acne breakouts to itchy dry patches.“

#3 Protocol- Stimulate

Yes, I do have a perfect suggestion for a beauty center in NYC-Kim Laudati,  . Disclosure-Kim is a friend, but she is also four hours from my home. So when I asked Kim how I could keep up with my skin’s elasticity, she recommended a little electric current device available at most department stores called Nu Face. It takes about 20 minutes to roll two metal balls over your moisturizer and tone the skin. For me this was pricey, but I bought he professional version from Kim for around $250 and find that it really works to temporarily tighten my neck and forehead. Very useful when I am on the speaker’s circuit, and I know that a corporate photographer is taking pictures.

Caveat- I travel all the time and airport security always stops me when the device is in my carry on,” What is this thing?” Worse yet, my daughter thought it was a vibrator for kinky self care. Don’t keep the NU FACE on your counter; it looks like a cross between a bomb and as sex toy.

#4. Product –Moisturizer  

A big reason that skin looks “old” is redness that may be due to inflammation and poor circulation. I like the Avene line, and was supported in my opinion when Allure, the Condé Nast publication read for its beauty expertise, gave Avène’s Antirougeurs FORT Concentrate for Chronic Redness Relief, $46, its Big Breakthrough award. In the category of best product for Sensitive Skin, Avène Skin Recovery Cream, $32, won. It’s a 100% sterile moisturizer that helps to prevent and calm irritation with Parcerine®, an ant-inflamatory. It comes with air-tight safety cap that keeps it sterile and is easy to use. I am frustrated by product packaging I can’t open, pumps that stop pumping, and bottles too rigid to squeeze. This is not the usual packaging from hell.

#5. Product –External Hydration

Remember the need to hydrate? Well green tea is another great choice and now WEI puts green tea into topical products. I like their Wei East China Herbal Advance Youth Recapture Serum $30, used daily for a quick fix to tone and contour. ,

#6. Product -Cleanse

Keep your skin clean with pomegranate. Everyone is so busy looking at their wrinkles they get no time to look at their pores. Get a 10X magnifier and make sure your skin in really clean. But while water inside hydrates, water outside dries you up like a prune. I wash only once a day and moisturize. One great wash is Pomegranate used in traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries because of its antioxidant and antiseptic power to deeply clear the skin’s micro channels. Bring detoxification and exfoliation to your skin with WEI Beauty’s Pomegranate Buffing Beads, $20, Its fun too-the grains come in little packets like sugar and you add them to a bit of water then scrub gently and rinse. Once in a while, use plain sugar, a great sluffer.

#7. Nutrient-Promote Cell Function

I take CoQ10. I first learned about the supplement from my mother when she reached age 85, she was concerned with her heart, but also with her skin. In fact my Mom was the one that counseled me against too much sun when everyone else was getting a punishing tan, and used Eternal 27 by Revlon every day like a religion. She had great skin and wore a tee shirt that read, “THIS IS WHAT 90 LOOKS LIKE,” to amaze everyone on her birthday.