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Here’s what you will find on SUPER AGING NJ website and radio show:

  • Deals and Discounts to use every day
  • Events that you want to attend
  • Feature  stories that effect you and your family]
  • A place to connect with your neighbors
  • Information on programs and entitlements you can get for yourself or an older adult in your life
  • The latest  innovations in technology  and more that help you age independently
  • The best fashion, home design and beauty that speaks directly to you and the solutions you seek
  • Travel that will excite you
  • Opportunities for volunteering, working, and learning in your community
  • News that effects you now!

And much more

Whether you are 50 or 150, be part of the excitement that makes this age your best age.


Super Aging NJ is a hyper-local Web site and radio platform covering news and features of interest to boomer, older adults and caregivers of any age living in Warren, Hunterdon and Somerset Counties. In the tri-county area, there are more than 70,000 residents over the age of 65, more than 33,000 over the age of 75 years and nearly 5,000 over the age of 85. Their interests range from travel, health care, and volunteerism, to lifelong learning, relationships, family, money and more.

Our motto: Inform * Connect * Empower, is a declaration of our commitment to successful aging through:

  1. Information and hard news and advice that support our ability to thrive as we age and support our caregivers in supporting others
  2. Connecting visitors and listeners to essential organizations, businesses and to each other
  3. Empowering all of us to take control of the experience of aging and make it a time for community and family contribution and lifelong relevance

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Who is connected through Super Aging NJ?

Residents and businesses in Warren, Somerset and Hunterdon counties will benefit from Super Aging NJ, a new hyper-local Website and Radio Show catering to the interests of the 50-plus population. The Web site and radio show, is developed through a grant under the New Jersey Recovery Act.

Our Team

Adriane Berg and Stuart Bochner, founders of Generation Bold, a strategic alliance firm in Tewksbury that reaches boomers, seniors and caregivers, were awarded a grant under the Sandy Recovery Act and NJ Commons to will build the site and host the radio component.

“Super Aging NJ will offer local news, as well as connect us with the whole word of successful aging,”  As part of the radio component listeners will be able to call in to contribute to the show, and the programs will be archived and can be downloaded for future listening.

“This grant is a real opportunity for professionals and businesses in Warren, Hunterdon and Somerset Counties,” said Bochner. “The Web site and radio broadcast will drive foot traffic, coupon and discount use, and increase brand imaging for age-friendly businesses.”

Berg is a retired elder law attorney and on-air personality, and a New York Times Age Beat Fellow and author of 13 books on financial and older adult lifestyle. She said she is trying now to get the word out so local businesses can contact them for the survey, to build up the contributor base and to raise awareness about this grant. Bochner is a technology and Web site specialist in reaching the older-adult. He is also a writer, newsletter publisher and a retired labor law attorney. The pair started Generation Bold after their retirement from practicing law.

 “We know the importance of access to great information and connection to the community to live a happy, productive life after 50; and even more so after 80, so, when the grant request asked for ideas to bring hyper local news to underserved populations, we immediately thought of our own experience. We were in the dark when we had to make decisions about Adriane’s 92-year-old mom, or our own Medicare and Social Security choices. There is so much each county has to offer, but no one portal for all the news.”

“The main outreach is through the website,” she said. “I added the radio component to appeal to and reach older adults that do not have Internet access or are not computer literate. I am personally very concerned with either isolated populations or active older adults that still are not tech savvy. They often miss out on so many of the wonderful opportunities in the three counties for socialization and connection.”

In addition to the Web site, and radio component, photojournalism and journalism training will be open to volunteers over the age of 50 to take on an “age beat” of their own and be published on the Web site for social media outreach.